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Questions and Answers in Geometry and Analysis

Community of professional mathematicians

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In our work we are often stuck with a math question and have a strong feeling that somebody must know the answer. But we don't know whom to ask. This community is to discuss such questions in geometry or analysis. Please, don't post questions like "Do you think Prelman's proof of the Poincare conjecture is correct?" Also, if you have a terrific new result or a new conjecture, this is not the right place to post it. Creating this community I was rather thinking about posts like "Does anybody know a reference for the following simple result?" or "Is it true that for every closed oriented odd dimensional manifold Y its double 2Y is cobordant to an empty set?" (it is true, by the way). In other words, a question for which you really hope to get an answer.

Remark: We give somewhat extended meaning to the subjects of analysis and geometry. Such topics as representation theory of Lie groups and Lie algebras, analytic number theory, linear algebra, complex algebraic geometry, integral geometry, discrete and combinatorial geometry, geometric group theory, automorphic forms, etc. are also relevant to this community. In particular, all the areas covered by the NSF programs of Analysis and Geometric Analysis will be discussed here.

Advice: Don't post lengthy TeX codes, which nobody will have enough energy to read. Instead, give a brief description of the problem and a link to a PDF of DVI file with the details.